It has been a big year for us here at FunCaptcha and next year looks to be even bigger! With all the milestones we’ve hit and are aiming to hit, we felt a quick recap was in order and what better way to do that than with a blog series? In this first installment, we’ll be going over some highlights of 2014 and then we’ll be outlining the direction of five future posts and their significance. To kick things off, here are some milestones we hit in 2014.

 Goodbye 2014


FClogo lock trophy
22,000 websites are now using FunCaptcha to protect their assets and their users from malicious attacks. 520,000,000+ of these very attacks have been blocked, averaging a rate of 14 attempts per second. We were recognized by Fairfax Media as one of the Top Five Australian startups to watch in 2015.


paintbrush multilingual
250+ clients have, upon request, received personalized FunCaptcha packages that championed their brand while providing the high level of security we’re becoming known for. We’ve begun rolling out multilingual support, packaging our first ever Thai and Bahasa Indonesian FunCaptcha packages for clients who requested it.

These milestones wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing collaboration and passion shared by our ever growing client base so to them – thank-you. It’s a joy to provide peace of mind through enjoyment for you and your users and we look forward to doing so all through 2015 and beyond. But what of 2015? What’s next for FunCaptcha and our clients?

Hello 2015


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be steadily rolling out some of the biggest upgrades yet to FunCaptcha. The five key areas will include overhauled visuals, improved speed, adding an administrator dashboard, opening up potential revenue streams for clients and even providing analytics so each of our clients can see how their individual FunCaptcha package is performing.

Visual Overhaul Visual Overhaul

As each of these updates go live, so too will an accompanying blog post diving into a bit of detail to explain things like motivations behind each upgrade, what we hope to achieve with them and most importantly, how our clients (and their users!) will benefit. For those wanting some more insight into how we operate and what we’re about – you won’t get a better opportunity.

That’s all for now but stay tuned for updates as we say goodbye to 2014, hello to 2015 and most importantly – FunCaptcha 2.0.

Warm regards,

The FunCaptcha Team