Security that scales in difficulty to defeat bots

Scalable Security

Scalable security

FunCaptcha is distinguished from traditional CAPTCHAs in the way that it dynamically adjusts security based on the number of users and how they interact. Measures include monitoring attempts to prevent brute forcing, device fingerprinting to stop IP flipping and keeping track of a user’s prior history with FunCaptcha.

3D image technology

All security games are backed by our patent pending technology that gives each user a set of 3D images, which are unique to them and only seen once. These images perpetually evolve with their angle, textures and structure being modified in real-time to thwart bots and machine learning – while staying as simple as ever for human users.

3D Image Technology
Additional Challenges

Impervious to brute force

FunCaptcha carefully monitors how users interact and will conquer attempts of brute force and guessing by targeting attackers with additional challenges. Unlike traditional CAPTCHAs, our challenges increase in number and not complexity to ensure human users are never punished.

Outsmarts machine learning

Attempts to train or guess FunCaptcha are costly to attackers, with perpetually evolving images and game types. The constant randomization of image noise, rotation and angle make advanced image processing expensive and easy to undo. In addition, user feedback may be withheld until all challenges are completed to prevent bots from learning the answers.

Evolving Images
Multiple Game Types

Multiple game types

FunCaptcha uses a variety of different games to outmanoeuvre bots and machine learning. Our patent pending technology allows game types to rapidly alternate 3D images, rendering automated abuse inoperative and immediately disarming bots. Furthermore, our game types and images remain under constant development to outwit new attacks.

Whitehat program

In addition to working directly with leading security experts, FunCaptcha exploits the malevolent efforts of attackers by transforming them into valuable allies who compete to be the first to disclose vulnerabilities for cash rewards. Similar to whitehat programs used by large anti-virus companies, it upholds our highly advanced security and pioneering user experience.

Whitehat Program

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