FunCaptcha is a new revenue stream

High earning

High earnings

FunCaptcha eliminates automated ad fraud with its patent-pending technology that verifies if your user is a human. Blended with a fun visual activity, our multi-layered verification solution guarantees 100% viewability that outperforms the average display ad by about forty times.

Doesn’t displace existing ad dollars

Registration is a fundamental component of every great community and is one of the most important channels your user will travel through. FunCaptcha leverages this channel by monetizing your registration with verification-integrated advertising that opens a new revenue stream without undermining your existing ad inventory.

Doesn’t displace existing ad dollars
Tried and tested

Viewability and engagement

By design, FunCaptcha is carefully equipped to deliver on two guarantees: your new registered user is a human; and they are engaged by the service, with the ad in their direct focus. The added layer of CAPTCHA works to thwart bots and automated abuse, while simultaneously increasing the value of your inventory to advertisers.

Human-verified poll data

Whether you’re a politician campaigning for election, a multinational entertainment brand, or a respected news organization, knowing what your audience is thinking is invaluable. FunCaptcha has the power to collect human-verified data with custom branded surveys, without the traditional threat of bots distorting the data.

Human-verified poll data
Direct selling

Direct selling

Coupled with its capacity for design personalization and full ad takeover, FunCaptcha is able to make an important contribution to the bottom line of your internal ad sales. Take full control of our performance analytics and IAB-compliant ad unit to develop a lucrative property that guarantees advertisers 100% viewability.

Brand currency

FunCaptcha transforms the mundane process of verification into a powerful brand engagement that begins before an ad is shown. In addition to customization of the look and feel, advertisers may infuse creative with bespoke games that establish the brand and qualify the audience for an advertisement. The value of this property and its associated engagement flows directly onto the publisher, and serves as a meaningful touchpoint for advertised brands.

Brand Currency

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