Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use FunCaptcha?

Learn how to solve FunCaptcha with these step-by-step instructions.

Does FunCaptcha work on mobile and all other platforms?

Yes. It is built on HTML5, with full support for mobiles. It works great with touch interfaces, and does not require any typing. All platforms used by a site’s customers are supported, including every kind of PC and Mac. A Flash version seamlessly appears for older browsers. In short, your users won’t be blocked.

What's the status of the service? Are you up and running right now?

If FunCaptcha seems to behave badly, go to our service status page to learn more about any problems on our end that may be at fault. If the FunCaptcha is not set up properly by the website’s creator, it will be replaced by a message. Please inform the creator of the web site, but also feel free to contact us to let us know.

What languages does FunCaptcha support?

FunCaptcha provides instruction and feedback in the following languages:

1. Arabic – ar
2. Chinese (Simplified) –
3. Chinese (Hong Kong – Traditional) zh-hk
4. Chinese (Taiwan – Traditional) zh-tw
5. English en
6. French fr
7. German de
8. Indonesian id, in
9. Japanese ja
10. Korean ko
11. Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
12. Russian ru
13. Spanish (Latin America) es-mx
14. Swedish sv
15. Italian – it
16. Thai – th
17. Czech – cs
18. Danish – da
19. Greek – el
20. Spanish (Europe) – es
21. Portuguese (Europe) – pt
22. Finnish – fi
23. French (Canada) – fr-ca
24. Hungarian – hu
25. Dutch – nl
26. Norwegian – no
27. Polish – pl
28. Turkish – tr

You don’t need to select anything; FunCaptcha will automatically switch to the language of your browser.

If you’d like to suggest an improvement, or request a new language, we’d love to hear from you.

Language Support

Is there audio accessibility?

Yes. We use the well-known “reCAPTCHA” service to provide an audio CAPTCHA for those who need it. We realize that many people find that one difficult to use, but it’s the only truly secure audio solution we have found so far. We hope to greatly improve service for the visually impaired as soon as possible.

Audio Accessibility

What do the stars do?

You earn stars as you complete FunCaptchas anywhere on the web. The faster you complete the CAPTCHA challenge, the more stars you get. Getting 5 stars means you play the games as well as we, the creators, do– and we have lots of practice!

For now, we are experimenting with the star system, so to be honest, don’t pay too much attention to your star count yet. The long-term plan is that your star count will increase each time you play anywhere on the web. Once you reach enough stars, you will get special rewards.

FunCaptcha Stars

How do I recover or change my password?

Step 1
Visit the Lost Password page, or select it while on the Login page.

Step 2
Enter your email address and complete FunCaptcha.

Step 3
Select ‘Get New Password’ – An email will be sent to you with a link to enter a new password for your account.

Why do I sometimes need to do more or fewer game challenges?

The simplest answer: it stops bots from guessing the right answer.

If you keep getting FunCaptcha game challenges correct (turn an animal the right way up, or choose the right face), you will get the fewest challenges each time. If you get one challenge, that means you’re on a site that makes it extra easy for you if you’ve failed FunCaptcha recently. More challenges means you may have recently given a wrong answer, or your IP is on the StopForumSpam blacklist, so our automatic security measures need to make sure you’re not a bot. This is a rare occurrence, but why do it?

It has to do with certain security measures inherent in a “challenge/response” method. For any security service that requires one of a finite number of possible answers, a brute force attack can be an attempted as way of breaking through. Malicious software is used to repeatedly guess the correct input until eventually the right sequence is found and the security measure is broken. FunCaptcha has measures in place to prevent this.

Every time an incorrect answer is given, extra challenges may be added to the FunCaptcha sequence. One challenge becomes three, three becomes five — and the chance of correctly guessing the required answer decreases from 1 in 8 to 1 in 512 and so forth. This marks an exponential increase in difficulty. Bots quickly get overwhelmed by the odds, while a genuine user will get challenges right often enough to keep things easy.

The reason we do this is because our service is so inherently easy for humans that they rarely make a mistake– we currently have a 96% completion rate. We’re already so convenient that we can focus on making our service as hard as possible for bots to break.

We explore this concept in further detail in our blog post highlighting newly revealed exploits in the “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” update.

Does FunCaptcha store user information?

For security reasons, we do not store any details about your users in our database. We send the information to you as soon as we receive it in real time and we do not hold onto any of it.

This also means we are unable to store files on behalf of users, e.g. uploading of images for advertising or selling purposes is not possible.

For a more detailed look, please visit our Privacy Policy.

I can't log in with my email address

You may have created your account with a ‘username’. Please enter your username into the field that is requesting an email address. If you are unsure of your username, please contact us.

How long before users see my custom FunCaptcha?

When you customize the design of FunCaptcha, it takes time for the changes to take effect. Generally, users can see these changes within 10 minutes but in some cases it may take up to an hour.

Should there be no change after this time, try clearing your cache and then refresh the page. If this doesn’t work, please contact us.

Why are there are multiple animals in one image?

Due to higher security concerns on some of our client’s sites, images of animals may appear ‘stacked’ on top of other animals. The trick is to look for an animal ‘in front’ of the other animals and place them in a standing position.

Multiple Animals

Please note that stacked animals will only appear on sites that attract a high volume of bot and spam traffic. Website owners can request this increased security level by contacting us.

Disabling reCAPTCHA in Joomla

This is an important step in correctly installing FunCaptcha to any Joomla website. If reCAPTCHA is not actively disabled, your users will be unable to solve either reCAPTCHA or FunCaptcha.

Begin by logging into your Joomla admin dashboard on your domain, then follow the steps below.

Step 1

– Go to Global Configuration -> Site -> Default Captcha *
– Select ‘- None Selected -’ (Picture 1) then click save


Step 2

– Go to Global Configuration -> Users Manager -> Captcha
– Select ‘- None Selected -’ (Picture 1) then click save


Step 3

– Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager.
– Click disable ‘Captcha – ReCaptcha’

What are the different account types?

Free (trial)
The free trial protects your website from spam and abuse with our patent-pending security technology, basic speed and access to our world class support team.

Partners are connected to our high speed infrastructure, have access to our network of premium advertisers and share in the revenue generated by ads shown in FunCaptcha. Partners also receive access to analytics and one-on-one advice from our Partner managers.

Currently, the Partner program is by invitation-only for sites that meet a traffic minimum and demonstrate a commitment to original content. If you would like your site to be considered, get in touch.

The Plus program lets organisations develop their CAPTCHA with enterprise tools, bespoke analytics and an ad free option – all backed by the support of a dedicated account manager. In addition, the Plus program also secures websites that are ineligible for a Partner account. Request a demonstration.

Why is FunCaptcha not loading quickly?

We use the best web hosting available internationally and FunCaptcha’s infrastructure is world class. Very occasionally, our cloud server providers may experience localized downtime or experience loading issues. There are automated processes in place to identify and ease the impact of these rare problems, but unfortunately minor server issues are unavoidable when doing business online.

We notify customers via @FunCaptchaStat, but if you notice an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a Perl plugin?

We do! It is available for download via our GitHub page. It will be ported to our Setup page and your Dashboard in the very near future.

Why have the stats in the Performance section of my Dashboard changed?

The Performance section of your Dashboard tracks Earnings, Solve Percentage and Bots Blocked in a selected date range. You may see your numbers change at the beginning of a new month because the date range has automatically changed. To see the statistics from any date range from when you installed FunCaptcha to the present day, simply select the relevant date range from the drop down menu pictured below.

Dashboard Performance

Can I install FunCaptcha multiple times on the same website?

Yes, you’re able to install FunCaptcha on as many pages of a website as you like. However, each page can only host one FunCaptcha at any given time.

How does the prize game work?

Collect prizes by completing the FunCaptcha mini-games you see. Once you’ve successfully completed the mini-games, you’ll be asked to click on 1 of 3 boxes to collect your reward.

1) Complete the minigame.

IMVU Minigame

2) Click the “Get your reward” button when it appears.

IMVU Button

3) Once the presents have appeared, click any to reveal your prize.

IMVU Prize

Why haven't I received the prize I won?

If you’ve recently completed a prize game and that prize hasn’t shown up in your inventory, this is more than likely due to your email and/or account not being validated.

It is a good idea to ensure that your account with the website on which you completed the prize game is validated and considered active.

This can be done in numerous ways but usually, it will be in the form of an email when you signed up or by a few clicks within your account settings.

For example: those using IMVU can head to this link: while logged into their account. If their email has not been verified, they need to click the “Send Verification Email” link. You’ll receive an email and once you follow its instructions, you’ll be verified!

Why can't I play the prize game?

Occasionally, you may be unable to play a prize game. There may be a few reasons for this, with the most likely reasons being listed below.

You’ve reached your daily limit
Some sites may limit you to a certain number of prize game completions within a set amount of time. This total is determined by the website on which you completed the prize game(s).

The website has sold out
Websites can sometimes offer only a limited number of prizes each day/week/month, so you might miss out if you aren’t quick enough. Once they run out, you might have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to play again.

Plugins might be blocking the game
Some plugins (e.g. AdBlock) can sometimes interfere with technology running on a page. By turning off your AdBlocker, you can test to see if it’s causing the error.

Outdated Browser
FunCaptcha is supports numerous browsers and versions but if you’re running a very old version of a browser, you may have trouble. It’s a good to idea to keep your browser up to date.

If you’re still having trouble accessing a prize game, please contact us with your issue and we’ll get back to you right away.

What is a CAPTCHA?

“CAPTCHA” stands for “ Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” and they’re used to protect websites from spammers.

For an entertaining breakdown on CAPTCHA’s history, their purpose and how FunCaptcha is innovating them for the better, have a read of our blog.

Are other CAPTCHAs more secure?

Most CAPTCHAs require the user to read and type in text. The text must be hard to read in order to be effective, so those CAPTCHAs are either annoying, or not difficult enough to stop bots. In any case, as more Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, typing turns off users. In short, people hate typed-out CAPTCHAs, and some users simply walk away. Tests by us and others prove that a bad CAPTCHA reduces user conversion significantly.

Unfortunately, all typed-in CAPTCHAs are now being solved by bots to some degree. Some CAPTCHA alternatives are actually much easier for bots to solve than before! Once these alternatives become popular enough to be worthwhile for spammers to target, they will crumble.

We suggest users implement their own judgment and research about whether a CAPTCHA is really secure. How can you trust a “magic black box” that supposedly can tell users from bots with methods you can’t understand? How do know how many real humans are leaving in frustration? What sacrifices of user anonymity are being made? We’re ready for those questions and can answer them better than anyone else because our first duty is not to advertisers, not to a huge corporation, but to our customers.


Does FunCaptcha support Gravity Forms?

Yes, we fully support Gravity Forms.

You can add it using the standard customisation menu for the plugin (with Gravity Forms’ own form builder, just edit your existing form to add FC to them). FunCaptcha will appear as a new option when our plugin is installed.

Does FunCaptcha support Contact Form 7?

FunCaptcha does support Contact Form 7, however not the latest version which is

If the customer is using this version, they need to use the following to make it work: [funcaptcha funcaptcha-281].


What versions of vBulletin do you support?

FunCaptcha currently supports 3.8.x and above for the 3.x series and 4.x and above. Support for 5+ is coming soon!

You can download the vBulletin plugin from here.


Can I prevent spammers from contacting me through the Wix contact form?

Taken directly from Wix’s support centre.

“Currently, Wix does not have the ability to control who can and can’t contact you through the Contact Form app. We are looking into the option of adding a CAPTCHA to help prevent spam.

In the meantime, we recommend that you try the FunCaptcha contact form app, available in the Wix App Market. FunCaptcha allows you to stops spammers with a built-in CAPTCHA that is easy and fun.”

How can I add a FunCaptcha contact form to my Wix site?

Taken directly from Wix’s support centre.

“Wix users must add the FunCaptcha contact form app via the Wix app marketplace – get it here.

Stop spammers in their tracks! FunCaptcha prevents spammers from contacting you with a built-in CAPTCHA that is easy and fun, and requires no typing or twisty letter reading. ”

What is RPM?

Revenue per mille (RPM), also called revenue per thousand impressions, reflects the Estimated Revenue per 1000 advertising impressions in real-time.

RPM is calculated by dividing your Estimated Revenue by the number of advertising impressions you received, then multiplying by 1000.

What is Estimated Revenue?

Estimated Revenue reflects earnings that accrue throughout the month, which have not been audited for invalid activity.

What are Earnings?

Earnings reflect the Estimated Revenue for the selected month, with all invalid activity deducted.

FunCaptcha periodically reviews accounts for invalid activity or for activity that was not in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. When such activity is found in your account, your earnings will be adjusted to reimburse the advertisers who paid for these clicks.

What is Balance?

Balance is a running account of all Earnings, Debits and Credits in your account.

What are Payable Earnings?

Payable Earnings reflect your total unpaid Earnings, accrued to date.

What payment methods do you use?

FunCaptcha uses PayPal for all payments. In order to receive payment, you must fill out your Payment Information including name, country of residence and PayPal address.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to receive a payment if your earnings haven’t reached the payment threshold.

When will I be paid?

Payments are made within 45 days to accounts that have met the payment threshold.

What is the Payment Threshold?

In order to receive a payment, your account must have accrued at least $200.00 (USD) in Payable Earnings.

Can I change my payment currency?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change your payment currency from USD.

Can I have unique payment information for certain sites?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to receive separate payments for certain sites.

If you have met the payment threshold, you will receive a payment based on Earnings from all sites within your account.

Why do I have to provide my name and country of residence?

In order to receive a payment, you are required to provide your name and country of residence for tax purposes.

What is the difference between Debit and Credit?

  • Debit – Payable Earnings paid to you via PayPal from your account
  • Credit – Earnings attributed to your account

What is invalid activity?

Invalid activity consists of any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate your Estimated Revenue or an advertiser’s costs, and for which FunCaptcha’s advertising networks decide not to charge the advertiser.

This includes, but is not limited to, clicks or impressions generated by a site clicking on their own ads, a site encouraging clicks on their ads, automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software.

Why does my Dashboard say Under Review?

Before you can generate revenue, you must first be invited to join the Partner program. The Partner program connects your site(s) to our network of premium advertisers for a share in the revenue generated by ads shown in FunCaptcha.

Under Review

Currently, the Partner program is by invitation-only for sites that meet a traffic minimum and demonstrate a commitment to original content. Until a website has met these requirements, it will be “Under Review”.

If you would like your site to be considered, get in touch.