Our founder and CAPTCHA expert Matthew Ford elaborates on what spam posting is, how massive companies like Blizzard still suffer from it and how these websites can stop it – not with annoying letters (or secretive black boxes), but with skill.

FunCaptcha is the only company dedicated to providing an interactive and engaging mini-game style CAPTCHA service that also completely stops spam posting. We can even generate revenue – if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Did you know that FunCaptcha is the only company in the world that is 100% focused on improving human verification via CAPTCHA? We really are the CAPTCHA experts!

With great power comes great responsibility, so one of our founders, Matthew Ford has taken it upon himself to solve the world’s CAPTCHA problems one video at a time.

First up, he explains a topic we’ve briefly touched on: why and how bots are getting through traditional text CAPTCHAs – a problem that’s easily solved by switching to FunCaptcha.