How much of your audience is fake? This is the question Bloomberg Business recently asked in a terrific piece called “The Fake Traffic Schemes That Are Rotting The Internet”. It discussed how ad tech companies around the world are employing deceptive tactics (i.e. click fraud) to generate inflated traffic numbers for their clients in an attempt to generate revenue. It’s a scathing piece that outlines a clear issue that many in the digital industry have known for years: something needs to change for digital advertising to grow into the powerhouse it was predicted to be.

However, I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t go into detail regarding potential solutions being worked on around the globe. Yes, big brands are taking digital ads in-house, using their own software and cutting out potentially harmful middle-men but that’s where the article stops short. It doesn’t provide much information in the way of potential solutions to tactics such as click fraud and I felt I needed to help expand on this topic a little further. In short: providing verified, authentic and engaged human traffic is something that FunCaptcha specializes in. In fact, we’ve already discussed the repercussions of NHT (Non-Human Traffic), so allow this to be an extension of that discussion.

The security aspect of FunCaptcha is second to none – we are the most secure CAPTCHA service on the Internet. We protect over 35,000 websites, blocking 1,500,000 bot attempts every day and in doing so, help keep online communities, forums and websites safe. This is great for web hosts and users alike – but what does this mean for advertisers? It means that every impression we serve is verified as a human.

If we serve an ad, it will be to a human.

This is made possible by how we’ve implemented advertising into our CAPTCHA system. Other CAPTCHA providers show advertising before the security process is completed. This may result in inflated impressions but as the Bloomberg piece points out, is it all human? This is actually a key distinction to make and something I’m proud of: the only way for a FunCaptcha to serve an ad impression is for our security process to first be completed – which is something only a human can do. If we serve an ad, it will be to a human. Every time.

Digital advertising is an industry that is beginning to see much-needed innovation and I’m proud to say that FunCaptcha is at the forefront of that innovation.

Thanks for reading,
Kevin Gosschalk
CEO and Co-Founder

Thanks to Bloomberg Business for a great article and specifically, the writers of the piece: Ben Elgin, Michael Riley, David Kocieniewski, and Joshua Brustein.

On Saturday morning, Matt Ford and I visited the place where FunCaptcha was first envisioned – Startup Weekend at River City Labs. It’s a great event where entrepreneurs can create a business in one weekend with the guidance of investors, mentors and experienced developers.

Whilst there, we were lucky to meet Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott! The PM was visiting the competition in an effort to better understand startups, their culture and the importance of their success for Australia’s economy.

Founders Kevin Gosschalk and Matthew Ford meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott

We spoke at length with Mr Abbott about how we’re protecting websites internationally and generating revenue for publishers who integrate our CAPTCHA software. He was intrigued with FunCaptcha’s unique gamified approach to security and loved hearing that federal initiatives like Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme and Accelerating Commercialisation have helped to establish our business.

We’re glad that the government is increasing focus on assisting the startup community. Because without receiving such help, and assistance from forward thinking investors like Richard Moore & Bruce Stubbs at R&R Strategic – our journey as a startup would have been much more difficult. I’m humbled by the level of success my team at FunCaptcha has achieved so far and feel that more innovative Australian startups deserve the same opportunities.

So thanks Tony, it was great to meet you. And thanks to everyone that continues to contribute to the FunCaptcha story.

Kevin Gosschalk
Co-Founder & CEO