• Security

    FunCaptcha is already stopping bot and web spam issues on over 50,000+ websites.

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  • Conversion

    FunCaptcha is completed 30% more on average than twisty-letter text CAPTCHAs.

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  • Expertise

    FunCaptcha is powered by patent pending technology and backed by a team of experts.

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  • Revenue

    FunCaptcha increases revenue by optimizing conversion, eliminating spam, and more.

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  • Security-FunCaptcha


    FunCaptcha has been proven to be the most secure CAPTCHA available and is already stopping bot and web spam issues on over 50,000+ websites. As a typical web user, the CAPTCHA you see may seem simple, but security protocols are escalated according to user risk profiling. Our purpose is to put an end to user frustration without compromising on security and significant resources are dedicated to evolving our systems to constantly stay ahead of abuse and fraud.


    Our technology is powerful and fast, allowing users to get where they want to be, without being slowed down unnecessarily. The industry average completion rate for a twisty letter text CAPTCHA is just 65%, but FunCaptcha’s average conversion rate is over 95%. We are constantly working on conversion optimization with features like custom branding customer CAPTCHAs to match their websites, which further improves the user experience.



    We are the only company on the planet dedicated solely to providing a better CAPTCHA experience. The patent pending FunCaptcha technology does not rely on out dated twisty text or image systems, which are proven to be unsecure and more easily solved by bots than by humans! Enterprise level customers are guaranteed a 99.95% SLA and 24/7 customer support. We really are the CAPTCHA experts!


    FunCaptcha increases revenue by improving user conversion and stopping bot traffic. This maximizes customer satisfaction and throughput, allowing more users to access your products and services. In addition, the associated costs of managing CAPTCHA support and bots are removed. Our technology can also deliver high CPM rates if you choose to show programmatic ads, plus a comprehensive set of insight tools that can be utilized to improve profitability.