Dear Internet,

Your prayers have been answered – with Doge CAPTCHA.

So tears

Doge taketh many forms and has been the much superior face of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency since 2013. But with such spam, Dogecoin has suffered at the hands of bad CAPTCHAs that present unreadable text, novella-length questions and no trackpad support. That ends, today.

Introducing, VERRRRRRY wow Doge CAPTCHA by FunCaptcha.


Critics have applauded it as a CAPTCHA solution that “doesn’t totally suck” and “slays the opposition,” citing many popular cryptocurrencies that have championed the technology. But don’t take their word for it…try it below!

So what are you waiting for? To the moon!

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Inspired by our good friends over at Reddit – see the original thread

If you fancy yourself as a digital Muhammad Ali, you should check out this news story doing the rounds today. A British man is deploying a faithful old trick that works well with corporate email that seems impossible to unsubscribe from – he’s re-routing their mailouts to the originators’ own corporate addresses as a spam prevention tactic. This of course won’t work if they have a simple opt-in feature, but it’s a fun story worth a read and it reminded us of the famous boxing strategy to win a match by using your opponent’s own punching power to wear them out.

How to play Spammer rope-a-dope.


The really interesting part of the article to us was the fact that email spam is in fact decreasing, and has dropped to it’s lowest proportionate level since 2005 according to Symantec.

“Phishing rates and email-based malware were also down, suggesting that attackers are targeting people indifferent ways, such as through messaging apps and social networks.”

This is 100% true according to what we see every day, with site spam growing markedly. FunCaptcha stops hundreds of millions of spam bots every month, and currently protects over 30,000 websites from automated abuse. And it is increasing, partly because email spam is no longer profitable.

If only we could send the web spam bots back to their spam overlords as well instead of simply blocking them with FunCaptcha… Leave it with us, Rope-A-Dope is going up on the development team whiteboard!