About FunCaptcha

FunCaptcha is the fastest and most effective way to protect your website from spam and abuse. We stop billions of spammers every year for clever brands that monetize their registrations and content.

Who we are

Telling computers and humans apart isn’t an easy task, but we think it shouldn’t be hard for users. Our CAPTCHA engages users with fun visual puzzles that are always easy for humans to solve.

Founded in January 2013 by Kevin Gosschalk and Matthew Ford, FunCaptcha has grown to be the first line of defence against spam for millions of users around the world. We’re a team of people driven by data and powered by passion, with pedigree alumni from Apple, Microsoft and Atari.


Where we are

FunCaptcha is built in Brisbane, Australia and powers CAPTCHAs in 100+ countries. We work from around the world and have international offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

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