Increase your registrations

It’s easier for more people to get through more efficiently

It’s because it’s a quick gamified activity that only a human can do

It increases your throughput because more humans are guaranteed to get through

It results in a minimum of double digit increases in registrations

FunCaptcha looks great on every browser and every device

Protect your community

Bots hate FunCaptcha

Bots can't discern subtle features of natural anatomy and motion

Bots have no
access to your community, forums
or comments

Bots get bounced

Secure real registrations

You are guaranteed that your new registered user is a human

You are guaranteed security that dynamically scales in difficulty

You are guaranteed a service that outsmarts machine learning

Benefits that will better your website

A next generation CAPTCHA powered by intelligent design that is both secure and high converting.
Stop bot abuse and verify humans with image-based games that are easy to solve.

Scalable Security

Intuitive challenges which adjust in difficulty to defeat bot attacks and enable humans.

97% + Conversion

Simple image-based games that are easy for humans but gruelling for bots and spammers.

Global Expertise

The only CAPTCHA solution backed by a dedicated company with patent-pending technology.

High CPM Revenue

Create a revenue stream in any area of your site with 100% ad viewability.

24/7 Customer Support

Real people who are ready to answer your questions and get stuff done quickly.

Works Everywhere

Robust design that effortlessly moves between desktop and mobile devices.

99.95% SLA

Global network of scalable and high performance infrastructure that grows with you.

Brand Customization

Transforms the moment of CAPTCHA into an on-brand user experience.

Intelligent Insights

Collect valuable real-time insights about your users, conversion and bot activity.

Easy to setup with two lines of code

Add this between your <head> tags:
<script src="" async defer></script>
Add this between your <form> tags:
<div id="funcaptcha" data-pkey="_YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY_"></div>

Thousands of websites rely on FunCaptcha

Join thousands of the world’s biggest websites and online communities that use
FunCaptcha to protect millions of users around the world.