Changes To Our Sign Up Process

We’re excited to announce a change to our account system – specifically, how accounts are created and how they are reviewed for Partner status.

Historically, a user would sign up and add any site(s) he/she wished. Our support team would closely observe the traffic of the ever-growing list of domains and if they met the requirements for Partner status, they were contacted and invited to join the program. Up until now, this has been a feasible process.
This is changing.


Moving forward, we’re streamlining the review process, meaning that clients will get a clear indication of where their domains stand in the Partner program pipeline. If their domains aren’t eligible for Partner, they have the option to join our Plus program.

On sign-up, clients can now select specific options that give us a better indication of their needs, allowing us to tailor our service to them – right from the get go.

For our current customers: those who have been “Under Review” will see their Dashboards change to reflect their account status more accurately.

We’re committed to revolutionizing the moment of CAPTCHA and look forward to providing a more streamlined service for current and future users.

If you have any queries, please feel free to Contact Us.

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