Sneaker Bots Are Taking Over

The worldwide sneaker market has become a pretty cutthroat place. Brands like Adidas are collaborating with artists like Kanye West to produce limited edition sneakers for a large audience. Demand is high, the prices are higher and it’s become common place for shoes to be instantly sold out when they “drop” online. Why? The usage of sneaker bots by both avid customers and reselling market places.

Just like ticket scalpers, sneaker resellers are using sneaker bots to snap up rare sneakers the second they go on sale. The available supply drops, demand sky rockets and then they resell them through their platforms for much higher prices (and profits). In 2014, Complex was educating sneaker fans on how to snag their favorite sneakers without having to resort to sneaker bots.

Unfortunately, no amount of basic plugins or page refreshes are going to beat dedicated, automated systems designed to purchase large quantities of rare merchandise. Nike, just like Adidas, has been seeing the same issues and their retailers are even forced to delay sales due to swarms of bots.

They’ve implemented CAPTCHA systems but their level of security is unfortunately sub-par.


FunCaptcha is the logical solution to the dangers of sneaker bots. We specialize in beating the bots which ensures genuine customers are getting access to the limited number of sneaker releases currently dropped. Further, we streamline a process that many currently find tense and sometimes stressful.  We can provide analytics for any customers engaging with FunCaptcha and we can even be customized to fit a big brand’s aesthetic – for example…

Nike FunCaptcha Demo

Want to protect your sneaker merch from bots and open the door for your customers? Get in touch.

Banner Image: Nana B Agyei

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