Foo Fighters launch campaign to #BeatTheBots

The Foo Fighters, in an effort to promote their upcoming “Sonic Highways” US tour have launched a campaign against ticket scalpers called #BeatTheBots, which has moved their pre-sale tickets from online to physical purchasing from a fan’s nearest box office.

beat the bots billboard

Ticket scalpers have always been an issue for promoters and fans of live entertainment, but it’s the advent of online ticket sales that has allowed scalpers to take advantage of software that can bulk buy tickets for reselling. This automation allows one or two people to clog up the online ticket sales process with thousands of fake “customers” (aka Bots) to secure hundreds of tickets before any real customers can get access, meaning you and I are paying a premium for our tickets – if we can get them at all! So when we heard that the Foo Fighters had opted for a physical sales process instead of an online one, the music fan in us thought “Oh cool – that’s pretty retro!” but then the tech head in us realized “This is just wrong!”. To be clear – we love that the Foos are fighting back but just hate that they have to do it.

So, what to do? Well, the FunCaptcha team’s primary goal has always been to beat the bots but allow genuine customers through while also having fun. Traditional CAPTCHA’s are something no-one really enjoys but they’ve been a necessary evil – until now. We decided to put a quick custom FunCaptcha together for the Foo Fighters, just to give people a taste at what’s possible when they want to #BeatTheBots.


Congratulations to the Foo Fighters for taking the initiative and fighting back but we may have a better solution for them: use our service for any online ticket sales process. FunCaptcha has a >96% success rate for genuine humans while battling bots and spammers. This allows all fans the comfort and ease of purchase that online is known for, while ensuring scalper-bots get the middle finger they deserve.

Finally: we’re a bit TOO excited for them to be gracing Australian shores as part of their world tour, specifically Brisbane on Tuesday, 24th of February.

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