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Probably the Best CAPTCHA Ever

Did you know that platforms that incorporate FunCaptcha into their forms make significantly better lovers? It's true. Honest.

Secure & Unbeaten

Spambots can crack many common CAPTCHAs in 1 out
of 5 tries. Security experts can't find a practical way to crack FunCaptcha.
(Plus robots don't 'get' fun)

Fast & Powerful

No one wants to get stuck repeatedly trying to work out what abstract
twisty letters say while trying to fill out a form. FunCaptcha not only
makes this process fun but incentivizes speedy users.

Earn & Learn

The FunCaptcha graphic games can be configured for advertising and
to discover the personal preferences of your users.
Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


Just like an adorable chameleon, FunCaptcha can be customised to match
your brand, your site, your attitude. It’s crazy we know! How has this not
been an actual thing.

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