Dear Internet,

Your prayers have been answered – with Doge CAPTCHA.

So tears

Doge taketh many forms and has been the much superior face of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency since 2013. But with such spam, Dogecoin has suffered at the hands of bad CAPTCHAs that present unreadable text, novella-length questions and no trackpad support. That ends, today.

Introducing, VERRRRRRY wow Doge CAPTCHA by FunCaptcha.


Critics have applauded it as a CAPTCHA solution that “doesn’t totally suck” and “slays the opposition,” citing many popular cryptocurrencies that have championed the technology. But don’t take their word for it…try it below!

So what are you waiting for? To the moon!

Get FunCaptcha


Inspired by our good friends over at Reddit – see the original thread

  • By Fulvio Gerardi 10 Sep 2015

    Works fine on iOS 5.

    Pity it wasn’t a Doge captcha though. 😉

  • By impshum 11 Sep 2015

    Such wow.

  • By 07 Dec 2015

    how can i active doge captcha??

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